a comedy special benefiting COVID-19 relief
recorded live in my garage

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How does this benefit COVID-19 causes?

Proceeds from purchases go to World Central Kitchen (donate here!) and other COVID-19 response organizations. I tried to work out ad revenue, but Google wouldn't approve it. Apparently a 30 minute video qualifies as "no content." Who knew? Anyhow, I'd also love to support folks who are out of work (specifically service workers and artists) and the production of PPE, so if you have any ideas for other organizations to support, do let me know.

Also, it gives us a bit of levity while we're all staying home. Ha ha haaaa.

Why did you do this?

You're under stay at home order, too, right? I mean, everyone is doing something weird right now. Going 2007 Britney on their hair. Making exotic forms of sourdough. Exploring various forms of dance. I thought this would be a good use of my time.

But, really...why though?

I wanted to help raise funds for some of these organizations, but let's be honest: it's hard to pry people's money from their hands, especially right now. I figure this way at least you're laughing while you're donating. Again, I wanted to let Google foot the bill with ad revenue, but alas, it can't get approved.

So, who are you again?

I'm Jeremy McAnally, a guy who apparently thinks he's funny enough to waste a lot of his own and other people's time making this thing. You can learn more about me over at my personal website.

Don't you have anything better to do?

Actually, I've been trying to help out COVID-19 response in other ways too such as helping my wife make masks and designing an easy-to-fabricate and collapsible intubation box for first responders and other space-constrained treatment environments. But, other than that, no, not really.

Why does it sound like it was recorded on a cassette tape
in a club in the 80s?

Because I'm cheap and used a $15 microphone setup to record it. It sounded good in the monitor, but the final result is, uh, authentic to the smokey dive bar setting so to speak.

See what other people are saying...

“This video recording...it's very bad.”
– A guy on Fiverr who attempted to master the audio

“You did what now?”
– My wife upon hearing about my idea

“That'll cost $500 more.”
– A famous comedian I tried to get to endorse this on Cameo

“Wow, that took a lot longer to edit than I thought.”
– Me after I rendered the final cut

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